Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Today we spoke to Bulelani Ngcako the founder of DANKIE KASI. Bulelani was on the street since the age of 9 years but, refused to become a victim of Substance Abuse or Gangsterism. Education was the most important thing in his life and all he wanted to do was succeed, he than went back to school and got into surfing to just surround himself with positive people to keep him motivated. The 2nd time Bulelani ended up on the street, he was more eager than ever to succeed, that is when the idea come above to start DANKIE KASI, which means (Thank you to the people that is a part of his life) he got the opportunity to further his education and Bulelani is now the proud owner of the clothing range which is a T-shirt business know as Dankie Kasi. The message he want to bring across is that once should never give up.

For more information on Bulelani: 

Facebook: Dankie Kasi
Contact: 061 284 8032


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