Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Youth Citizen Action Programme ...making a difference!

I spoke to Amanda Blankfield - Koseff  CEO and Founder of YCAP .Here a bit more background about what they do. 

Empowervate is a youth development NPO that was registered in 2013. The flagship programme it runs, The Youth Citizens Action Programme, was born out of Afrika Tikkun, a well-established NGO, in 2008, initially as a youth dialogue. When the national youth programme, which works through the Department of Basic Education, grew too large to be housed under a community development organisation, Empowervate was born.
Powered by Empowervate, The Youth Citizens Action Programme (YCAP) is a competition-based programme that encourages grade 10 learners from underperforming high schools to enter projects that they have undertaken to improve an identified problem within their school or community.

The Youth Citizens Action Programme will expand as Empowervate grows, but for the past four years, it has been a schools programme for Grade 10 learners exclusively.
·      A minimum of 10 schools per district, and a minimum of 4 districts per province are invited to participate in YCAP in all 9 provinces.
·     There can be up to 10 learners per group and more than one group per school but only the best group per school enters the district competition.
·     The aim of the competition is to get the Grade 10s to choose a project and follow the guidelines and structure as described in the toolkit. The learners must look at the problems in and around the school and choose an issue they want to solve, and then follow the action steps recommended.
·    In 2013, YCAP introduced a new element to address a gap that was identified during previous years, namely the need for financial literacy. Learners are required to show that they are able to budget for their projects and track the money that they raise and spend. They must also show realistic projections of what they would do with the prize money should they win.
·    The goal is to show how empowered the Grade 10 YCAP team is by putting together a professional portfolio and presenting the information orally in a clear and confident manner. 
Recently had an event on the 25th July 2015 ..see pictures below. For more information contact: Facebook 

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