Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday - Gender related issues and current affairs in South Africa - The Pink Ladies Organisation.

Today we spoke to Dessie Rechner , whom is no stranger at Bush Radio. I was delighted to talk to her about the services that they offer in our communities . We urge that we people don't waste time  should your loved one go missing .Contact ASAP . 

The Pink Ladies are an independent group of volunteers, affiliated and associated with The Pink Ladies (a registered Section 21 NGO). The organisation was established for the primary purpose of reuniting missing and endangered children and loved ones with their families and/or caregivers. The group does not charge for its services which are provided by The Pink Ladies strictly voluntarily and performed for the love of children everywhere in South Africa regardless of colour, creed or circumstance.

Not all cases of missing and/or exploited children make headlines and a large percentage are never reported to the police or social workers.

We assist by taking an interest and assisting where possible. We act within strict protocols and operate within the laws of our country. We do not act in a vigilante manner, nor do we condone such behaviour. Among our members and volunteers are lawyers, psychologists, pastors, private investigators and criminologists as well as ordinary members of society, all of whom lend their professional skills to assist in the recovery and return of missing, exploited and runaway teenagers and spouses. This is done in a variety of ways including raising awareness, assisting with the reporting of missing children and adults and referring to specialist guidance as and when required.

The South African Police Service is almost always involved and we have a fine professional relationship with them. We are independent volunteers driven by passion and our love for children. All donations are most welcome and dealt with in accordance with the laws which govern a registered NGO company.

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