Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wensday - Gender - How health and gender come together!

Today i spoke to Patrick Godana from Sonke Gender Justice. He starts the interview by condemning and pleading South Africans especially in Durban KZN to restrain the xenophobic attacks that have happening. He continues to quote the words of our former president , Thabo Mbeki " I am an African , i owe my being to the hills and valleys , the mountains and the glades, the rivers , the desert , the tree , the flowers , the seas and the ever-changing seasons that define the face of our native land."By these words he hopes our sisters and brothers will come together and stand against xenophobia and remember that we are all Africans and we should unite.

We moved on to having a conversation on health and incorporating it with gender so ? . Well he continues to elaborate more - men mine workers tend to suffer from silicosis and when they come back home it is the women responsibility to take care of them. He adds that a womens role in this case is as important as a the men that goes to the city seeking for a job to support the family , simply because the women are left with a responsibility to run the household.

Lastly he closes of by highlighting how the man dominates in most household , even in the bedroom  they tend to make decisions for the women in terms receiving contraception how they receive it and when. They make decisions on the use of protection too in terms of a women being allowed and welcome to use the Female condom if she decides.

For more information please visit the Sonke Gender Justice.  

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