Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday - Human Rights - The Institute for Justice will be hosting free screenings for their three films!!!

I also spoke to Carolin Gomulia head of communication and strategy at The Institute for Justice about the screenings that they will be hosting this Thursday 30th April 2015. 

Countering xenophobia, much like any prejudice, requires ongoing dialogue, education about South Africa's history and how it is interlinked with the rest of the continent, as well as the prioritisation of pan-Africanism – an ideology that encourages the solidarity of Africans worldwide. With this in mind, amidst the current spate of violent attacks on foreigners in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, the IJR will host screenings of three of its African Identities documentary films, which shed light on the lived experience of young foreigners living in South Africa.

The African Identities series of documentary films encourage participants, who are the protagonists of their own films, to explore their often deeply entrenched understandings of identity and belonging. The films encourage both the participants and viewers to interrogate their roles and responsibilities as Africans living within
South Africa. 

On thursday they will be showcasing three films that have been chosen , they all tell their own stories and communicate one thing at the end of the day. They are as follow;

1.Remember me – Lilliane Limenyande
2.On the other side of Africa – McMorris Thamando
3.Rising above the divide – Lumumba Chiar

If you would like to attend this dialogue please call 021 202 4073. 

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