Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday - Labour Issues - Stop the xenophobic attacks!, Kazika pleaded to South Africans.

On todays show i spoke to two gentlemen Destino Nzonzidi Kazika  and Evans Elphas Bungu , Destino belongs in organisation called UNNC , Union des Nouveaux Nationalist du Congo which means The Union of New Nationalist of Congo.They assist other Congolese Learners with HOME WORK, any DIFFICULT SUBJECTS(tutoring), organize the WORKSHOP which we focus about STUDYING MANAGEMENT and CARRIERS GUIDANCE, provide FREE ACCESS on the INTERNET for their school work, assisting WITH APPLICATION FORM (to enroll at universities or colleges) and providing the necessary BURSARIES for them.Their organisation seeks to promote unity , equality and peace among congolese through education.

Today we based the interview not only on UNNC but also on the xenophobic attacks that have been taking place in KZN and now spreading in Gauteng. Destino reminds south Africans of the time where some of  our south Africans people went to exile in the other African countries.  He fails to understand why our african brothers and sisters are attacking only the foreigners from african countries if it is really a socioeconomic matter. He adds that this is not what Nelson Mandela wanted for this country as he liaised very well with neighboring African countries in the apartheid regime. Evans adds that he is deeply hurt and wishes this kind of behavior will soon be over and that he too wants to go back to his country of birth with honors and degrees . 
Destinos dream is to return to his country of birth and save his country through education. 

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