Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday - Labour issues - Chrysalis Academy encourages youth development.

Everyday we learn new things and lessons in life and we find purpose to our existence.I found myself uttering these words after a great interview i had with Lucille Meyer. Lucille Meyer is the chief executive officer at the Chrysalis Academy, their vision is to become the leading Academy for youth development in the Republic of South Africa. And indeed they will be with the phase that they with , me thinks. We started the interview with Lucille introducing the Academy - 

 Chrysalis Academy is an initiative of the Western Cape Provincial Cabinet, established in the year 2000 at Porter Estate in the suburb of Tokai. Its foundation was a response by the Provincial Government to the high crime rate in the Western Cape, which is one of the highest among the provinces in South Africa, especially due to substance abuse and an active gang culture in Cape Town’s mainly disadvantaged communities.

The result is a holistic and sustainable 5-year youth development program based on 3-month empowerment training that focuses on the individual’s physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual development, which is still unique to our knowledge. The Chrysalis Programme is a preventative initiative, as opposed to rehabilitative. It is registered as a NPO (Non Profit Organization) and mainly funded by the Western Cape Provincial Department of Community Safety.

One of the main important question that i asked Lucille was -what are the challenges that the young people in South Africa seem to be facing at the present moment , and because she works very close with young people. She responded by highlighting three among the most important challenges.
1. Crime\violence, she elaborated that when a child grows up in a household were violence is the only thing they are exposed to they are most likely to caring that thorough-out their childhood and possibly in their lifetime. 
2. Unemployment, she adds that the issue of unemployment is what young people are facing . She continues saying that "We have young people that went to Collage , University yet still they are still unemployed'' . 
3. Lastly the Education system Lucille explains that the education system is not doing enough is terms of equipping young people in whats necessary for them in life generally which is numeracy and literature.

 I closed the interview with these words;We need young people that are physically, mentally and spiritually well developed , one that will look beyond their obstacles to achieve greater things in life.  A youth that will not wait to be handed things on a silver plate but one that goes looking for opportunities and if the aren't any make ways and means to create them. A youth that will comprehend the social economic state of our country and work towards improving it than pointing fingers as to who is responsible for the issue within. An active youth that does not feel like the county owes them anything.

For more information visit Chrysalis Academy

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