Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday- Human Rights -Know your consumer rights!!!

On today show i had an interesting interview with Buyile Nopote from Consumer Protection speaking to us about the rights of consumers. Now we needed to understand the term consumer what does it mean in simple terms. Buyile went to explain that when we say consumer we simply mean a person that goes to the shop\store to buy something and it can be anything that you are purchasing.  Bad quality products , broken promises and contract foul-ups are just some of the problems faced regularly by consumers. But the rights of South African consumes are protected by law , which means they can be demanded redress . These are some of the rights that we as consumers are suppose to know.
An understandable, credit agreement in plain language.
A quote pre-agreement statement, binding for five days.
Adverting and marketing which contain all the information in the cost of credit.
Limited credit sales whilst you are at work or at home.
Feedback as to why a credit application was unsuccessful.
 For more information about these rights and more of them , please visit

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