Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday-Human Rights_LEAP Receives a new Project called- Learn English Audio!

TODAY is indeed Tuesday which means the programme focused on all things related to Human Right issues in South Africa.Now on today's show we spoke to Troy Martens- she was here to tell us more about the newly launched Learn English Audio project at LEAP .

LEAP is a project which seeks to empower teachers from remote and under resourced schools in nine African countries with tools to improve their English listening and speaking skills, while tremendously enhancing and supporting learners’ comprehension of oral and written language. This will be achieved through quality English learning materials on micro-SD cards delivered via solar powered MP3 players popularly known as ‘Life players’.Furthermore LEAP is an initiative aimed at improving low literacy and numeracy rates consistent with the findings of the Annual National Assessments which have identified gaps.

 Thanks to Angie Motshekga Minister of Basic Education as well as British High Commissioner to South Africa Judith Mcgregor. To get more information on this please visit Mother@bushradio.

By:Lazola Solani

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