Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday-Human Rights_ Right2Know! presents Vula'Ma Connexion Community Workshops

Today on show  we spoke to -John Haffner from the Right2Know community House in Salt River. The Right2Know presents

Vula’Ma Connexion a campaign that has spent much of the year advocating for a change in many ways in which Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) are delivered to the people.They will be running workshops in three province Cape Town 17th July, Durban 22nd July, Johannesburg 29th July 2014 .The Campaign targets all south Africans in hope that we will be able to connect with all our loved one from afar even of we don't have airtime nor data communication . The workshop is to workshop ideas in which we can make all this possible. For more information please visit
campaign’s website.OR email john@r2k.org.za

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