Monday, July 07, 2014

Monday-Health- Home Birth

Today on the show we started the day by talking  to Lana Petersen and Ruth Ehrhard  midwives from the Home Birth South Africa . The interview was with regards to the gathering that is yet to be held on the 17th August 2014 , the gathering is for those who have given birth at home , for those who have wanted home births, those who are planning a home birth or thinking about it . This gathering also invites pupils whos  home births did not go as they wished , as this is an informal event of sharing and being able to have your questions answered as well as your stories to be heard. We also got the opportunity to ask questions such the safety of home birth and its relevance in today's society .It was mentioned that Home birth is valid and safe yet overlooked birthing option, the main of the interview was to broaden peoples options during pregnancy and to have more information on home birth .   For more information please visit or call 021 557 9070 . 

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