Monday, April 14, 2014

Thursday marks World Haemophilia Day

Sister Anne-Louise Cruickshank - Western Cape Haemophilia Foundation Coordinator was Instudio. Haemophilia is a rare inherited disorder that leads to abnormal bleeding, and specifically the inability to stop bleeding. On Thursday the 17th of April is the World Haemophilia Day and will focus on encouraging the global bleeding disorders community to Speak out. Create change. This year they are making a particular effort to reach out to young members of the community so as to promote their participation and to develop strong leadership. They want their young members to feel inspired to assume key roles in building and supporting the bleeding disorders community. Sister Cruickshank explained more about the importance of this day. For more on Haemophilia you can contact the South African Haemophilia Foundation on (021) 785 7140 or Sister Anne on 082 788 1038 alternatively you can visit 

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