Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Ikasi Pride to host a discussion about an all inclusive Cape Town’s Pride Yabantu

Sivu Nosipho Siwisa - Ikasi Pride founder and LGBTI activist joined us Instudio. Ikasi Pride is inviting members of the LGBTIAQ community to participate in a discussion regarding establishing an all inclusive Cape Town’s Pride Yabantu on the 12th of April at no 6 Spin Street, Cape Town at 13H00PM. Their call for this discussion comes after they noted the continued depoliticisation of Pride in Cape Town, which in turn marginalises those people within our community who seek a purposeful Pride. The discussion will include issues such as:
● Establishing a collective Pride.
● Definition of Pride in a South African & African context.
● Involving marginalised LGBTIAQ communities.
● Politising Pride.
● HIV/Aids awareness and safe sex awareness.
● Reaching out to the rest of
● Promoting LGBTIAQ film, art and literature.
To RSVP, send an email to or follow @ikasipride 

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