Monday, March 31, 2014

Health - Alpha Clinics to Offer Free Health Screenings to the Public

In today's showm we spoke to Rene Anderson – Alpha Clinics Manager. Cape Town Station and Somerset West Alpha clinic have partnered with the department of Health to offer free health testing services to both the insured and uninsured members of the community. Patients will be seen by a trained nurse, who will provide the following services; measure blood pressure, ascertain Body Mass Index (BMI), screen cholesterol, check blood glucose and assess the patient’s HIV and TB status. The tests, which normally cost in the region of R250, are available to all South African citizens for an administrative fee of R50. Testing is free on Wednesdays from 08h30-16h30 at Alpha Clinic Somerset West and from 09h00-12h00 at Alpha Clinic Cape Town Station. The aim of this initiative is to ultimately improve access to affordable primary healthcare, thus reducing the rate of HIV and TB infection in the Western Cape. Individuals are encouraged to be aware of their complete health status as early detection helps reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.  

 Screening times:

Alpha Clinic, Shop 16, Cape Town Station, Adderley Street: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday – 09h00-17h00 (R50). Wednesdays – 09h00-17h00 (free between 09h00-12h00, R50 thereafter) for more information contact (021) 419-1631.

Alpha Clinic, Shop 22-25, Circle Centre,
Caledon Road, Somerset West: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday – 09h00-17h00 (R50). Wednesdays – 08h30-16h30 (free) for more information contact (021) 851-2600.

Khayelitsha Clinic in Site B: Thursday - 09h00- 11h00 for more information contact (021) 361 0159.

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