Monday, January 27, 2014

Health - Yesterday marked World Leprosy Day

In today's show, we spoke to Peter Laubscher - Director of the Leprosy Mission South Africa. We were talking about Leprosy. Yesterday it was World Leprosy Day and this day is observed each year on the last Sunday in January by organisations involved in leprosy including the World Health Organisation. Leprosy mainly affects the skin and nerves and clinically appears in most of the cases as patches with discoloration and numbness of the affected area. If untreated, there can be progressive and permanent damage to the skin, nerves, limbs and eyes. Peter explained more about the causes and the available treatment. And the good news is that Leprosy is a curable disease and when treated in the early stages, disability can be avoided. With minimal training, leprosy can be easily diagnosed on clinical signs alone. The Leprosy Mission aims to teach the community about leprosy, support those suffering from it and to help patients and their families overcome their fear and shame. For further information you can contact Peter on (021) 785 2681 or visit website alternatively contact your nearest hospital or a dermatologist. 

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