Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shukumisa Campaign sceptical about the new bill for sexual offences court

Sanja Bornman - An attorney for the Women’s Legal Centre joined us to talk about the Shukumisa Campaign and it’s sceptism about the new bill for sexual offences courts. The Shukumisa campaign is a national coalition of 30 organisations working to combat sexual violence in one form or another, it was established in 2008. Members of the campaign are concerned about the potential of the proposed new bill for sexual offences to make a difference in rape prosecutions. They say the bill fails to address aspects such as ensuring that these courts will actually provide better quality service than ordinary courts which requires commitment to budgets over the long term, standards for quality in place and monitored by the department and parliament. For further information you can contact Sanja on (021) 424 5660 or visit

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