Thursday, October 24, 2013

PwC to provide services to tech companies at Bandwidth Barn

We closed off with Irene Allen - Director of PwC. PwC recently extended its realm in Cape Town’s ICT space by opening an office at the Bandwidth Barn. Part of the initiatives for the Barn is one that relates to how PwC can assist business owners in the tech SME space with their non-attest private company services until the end of November from 9AM till 4PM every Thursday. Representative from PwC will be available at the Barn to meet with business owners and their teams, by appointment, to discuss a specific topic for that day such as company secretarial matters/assistance, to payroll and employee tax compliance, tax registrations and tax compliance, government incentives and more. Today they covered accounting, payroll and employee tax compliance. For more information go to or send an email to alternatively contact (021) 529 2331.

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