Friday, May 17, 2013

Tomorrow is International Museum Day & Arts Update

Melody Kleinsmith - Communications Coordinator of Institutional Advancement at Iziko Museums also joined us on the line. We were talking about the International Museum Day, which is tomorrow. Iziko Museums and selected Planetarium shows are open for free. The theme this year is: Museums (creativity + memory) = social change. This initiative aims to increase awareness of the role of museums as agents of social change. The programme is jam-packed with exciting and interesting activities for the young and bold. ‘Djembe Mania’ will perform and host a drumming session in the Amphitheatre (ISAM) at 10:00AM. Drum up some courage before exploring ISAM and interacting with the live displays of creepy crawlies and microfossils. Adventure seekers; join in the ISAM Activity Centre from 12:30-15:00PM for the mock fossil dig. Awake the archaeologist in you and find hidden fossils and artefacts. Travel to the stars and be transported through space with our free Planetarium shows.  Fly to the moon with our delectable dragon, Davy, and explore the universe and the Milky Way. Find constellations and planets that are visible in The Sky Tonight and discover the only geographical feature on Earth to be represented as a constellation in the sky, Table MountainProgramme details is available online at

Nigel was Instudio for the Arts Update.

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