Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seasoned parenting coach and mentor Marlon Abrahams writes a parenting guide eBook

We closed off with Marlon Abrahams - Author of Parenting Made Easy. He was speaking to us about his new parenting eBook that’s available for free. The book will be distributed in both eBook format as well as printed copies, to every parent of every learner of every school in South Africa FREE of charge. The guide aims to assist with today’s parenting challenges by launching and distributing it to at least 2 million parents throughout the country and to use the launch of the eBook as an opportunity to convert its readers to monthly subscribers of the Parenting Made Easy newsletter, in order to reach, coach and mentor even more parents on an on-going basis. If you want a FREE copy, SMS your email address to 35224. SMS charged at R3.

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