Thursday, May 23, 2013

Coaching Circles to help organisations develop and retain top talent

Janine Everson - Academic director at the Centre for Coaching at UCT’s Graduate School of Business joined us on the line to talk about how Coaching Circles can help organisations develop and retain top talent. According to research from the Centre it appears that Coaching Circles a relatively new training technique can impart valuable business and management skills more cost effectively than conventional training programmes. It involves small groups of people, who share a project or an activity, and meet regularly to work on problems in a supportive environment. But unlike action learning, which has problem solving as its prime goal, Coaching Circles have a triple focus on solving problems, empowering individual members of the team, and teaching and embedding coaching skills in the organisation during the process. The study revealed that managers who participated in Coaching Circles had more empathy, tolerance of others and self-confidence, resulting in a more harmonious workplace with better business outcomes. For further information go to 

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