Thursday, April 25, 2013

Labour - Department of Labour Construction Blitz kicked off this week

In today's show, we heard from David Esau - Deputy Director of the Enforcement and Inspection Services for the Department of Labour. We were talking about their Construction Blitz that kicked off this week. The blitz forms part of the department’s national work plan which seeks to address inspections in high risk areas as labour inspectors embarked on a series of inspections to construction sites around the city. The driving force behind this initiative is the Enforcement and Inspection Services (IES), a specialized unit within the department with a specific focus on ensuring compliance within the labour sector. Focusing within metropolitan areas, where density is experienced in terms of the number of active construction sites as blitzes will be executed in one geographical area to ensure service delivery and visibility for the period of the blitz. All identified High Risk Sectors will be aggressively inspected giving an opportunity to make a reasonable impact within the occupational health and safety parameters. Other high risk sectors also include agriculture/forestry, chemical and iron and steel. Inspections will continue this week in the central business district, Bellville areas and Somerset West. To report non-compliance contact David on 082 791 4485 or for further information go to

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