Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gender - Enough is Enough explores Gender Violence

Fabian, Busi & Odette
Cape Town TV News assignment editor - Odette Ismail and Fabian Sickenberger - Co-Director of Enough is Enough were Instudio to tell us more about this special documentary dealing with Gender Violence. Enough is Enough tells the story of Anene Booysen and Sophia Hector, both victims of Gender Violence in 2013 and also explores how prevention and support programmes play a big role in the fight against Gender Violence. It also highlights the important role of community and grassroots movements in building safer communities for women and showcases how ordinary South African women are taking a stand and finding healing from the trauma of sexual and physical violence. It is produced by Cape Town TV News, in association with Workers World Media Productions and directed by CTV interns - Fabian Sickenberger and Sarah Schannong. The documentary is 26 minutes long and is flighted on CTV News. For more information go to

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