Thursday, March 28, 2013

YoungPeople@Work: They Live to Work, they don't Work to Live!

We also heard from Frank Julie - Founder and mentor of YoungPeople@Work. We were talking about his volunteer project supporting unemployed youth to access sustainable livelihoods and serving their communities. YoungPeople@Work is a new generation organization for and by young people that envisions them engaged in productive work to enhance economic, social, cultural and spiritual development. YP@W provides access to training in computer literacy, train young people as facilitators and how to speak in public, training in professional job seeking skills, money management, professional networking, personal development and customer relations, training in organizational skills like professional fundraising, board development, strategic planning, bookkeeping, office administration, networking, leadership and management, provide media and public relations training such as how to start a newsletter , how to use social media,  support members in finding themselves first and then a job, Connect young people to job and further educational opportunities and then continuous after care and support and to professionals with expertise. For further information you can contact send an SMS to 078 812 4603 or visit

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