Tuesday, March 26, 2013

StreetSmart SA arming vulnerable children programmes with funding

Melanie Burke - Vice-Chairperson of StreetSmart SA was Instudio to tell us more about their initiative that assists street children. StreetSmart SA is dedicated towards helping street children rebuild their lives by collecting R5 donations through participating restaurants in Cape Town and surrounding towns, which has raised more than R5, 6 million since its inception in 2005. The funds are supporting the panel beating skills training programme at Learn to Live, social worker salaries at Ons Plek and Home from Home: Oceanview and Vrygrond as well as salaries for aftercare and family reconstruction at the Cape Town Multi Service Centre. This is achieved through a voluntary R5 donation that is added to one’s table’s bill, should you wish to give more, or not at all just say so. For further information you can contact StreetSmart SA on (021) 418 0621 or send an email to streetsmart@eqweb.co.za alternatively go to www.streetsmartsa.org.za 

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