Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Manenberg Police set to fight off gangsterism

Lieutenant Ian Bennett - From the Manenberg Police Station joined us Instudio to tell us more about their new strategy in discouraging young people from joining gangs. This follows the high prevalence of gang violence in Manenberg and failed attempts and efforts by SAPS in curbing the scourge amongst school learners. Last month Manenberg Station Commander - Brigadier AndrĂ© van Dyk briefed the media about adopting a new strategy in curbing young people from joining gangs by informing them of the legal implications of Section 9 of the Organised Crime Act. He explained that under this Act an offense which is considered minor might cost you 8 years in jail if you a member of a gang and therefore will be taking this message across all 26 schools in their policing precinct. For more information contact the Manenberg Police Station on (021) 699 9400.

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