Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kidzpositive & Keiskamma Trust to embark on the Dust for Development Treble Tour

We also heard from Shanaaz Stofberg - Fundraiser for Kidzpositive. She was here to tell us more about who they are and their Dust for Development Treble Tour. Kidzpositive was founded 14 years ago and aims to lighten the impossible burden facing HIV-positive mothers by raising support for the daily needs of HIV positive children and their families. Kidzpositive in partnership with the Keiskamma Trust will be embarking on the Dust for Development Treble Tour that involves them riding the dirt roads connecting the Eastern and Western Cape Provinces to raise awareness of and support for the developmental needs of children from birth to adolescence. They are urging members of the public to pledge R12 in support of the cyclists. For further information you can contact Kidzpositive on 087 813 0030 or send an email to info@kidzpositive.org alternatively visit www.kidzpositive.org

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