Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bishop Lavis Community Police Forum to host a meeting over school closure

Graham Lindhorst
We closed off with Mr Graham Lindhorst - Chairperson of the Bishop Lavis Community Police Forum and Mr Paddy Attwell - Director of Communication at the Western Cape Education Department. We were talking about the Bishop Lavis Community Police Forum's concerns regarding what measures are in place to safeguard the school premises that the Western Cape Education Department is closing in December 31st, 2012. The Bishop Lavis Community Police Forum is holding a meeting for all involved and affected by the closing of the four schools in their policing precinct to establish what processes are in place to ensure the safety of learners that will be going from Beauvalon to John Ramsay Secondary Schools and to safeguard the school premises that are closing. The CPF wants to be brought up to speed with regards to whatever plans are in place that will answer some of their concerns they might have especially in light of the crime patterns and hot spots in and around these schools that will close. They have invited the Department of Education in the Western Cape as well as the school management inclusive of the School Governing Bodies in the different schools to attend and brief the meeting with specific reference to the concerns raised above. It’s happening this week Thursday November 1st, 2012 at the Bishop Lavis SAPS Parade Room starting at 7PM. For further information you can contact Graham on 082 532 5099.

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