Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12 October - Gender - Rural Women’s Assembly to observe International Rural Women’s day

In today’s show, we were joined by Fatima Shabodien - Executive Director of Women on Farms Project. We were talking about the Rural Women’s Assembly. On the 15th of October the world will be celebrating International Rural Women’s day. In commemoration of this day the Rural Women’s Caucus will be bringing together 200 rural women from across South Africa for Rural Women’s Assembly. According to Action Aid, Rural women in South Africa continue to bear the brunt of unemployment, growing poverty, spiralling levels of violence, high prevalence of HIV and the lack of access to economic opportunities, public services and most importantly the seed of life: land. The Assembly is also aimed at preparing for a Southern African regional rural women’s assembly and to ensure that rural women influence the negotiations taking place at the UN COP 17 in Durban in December. The Assembly, taking place from 13-15 October 2011, will consist of a two day workshop on 13/14 October at the Colosseum Hotel in Pretoria and will be followed by a march to the Union building on 15 October 2011 where a memorandum will be handed over. The march echoes the path and the demands of women who courageously marched for their freedom and for their rights in 1956. For more information you can contact their offices at (021) 887 2960 or visit

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