Monday, February 09, 2009

09 February - Health

In today’s show, spoke to Professor van As - from the Red Cross Children's Hospital. We were talking about Burns. Burn Victims face prolonged and painful treatment and in many cases are physically disabled and scarred for life. So please protect your children especially when they are small. Give them the supervision their age requires. Teach children the hazards of fires and burns and teach them to avoid foreseeable dangers.

We were also joined on the line by Charlene Villinger – a Dietician from the University of Stellenbosch’s Nutrition Information Centre. This week is the Pregnancy Awareness Week. According to experts, many factors influence the outcome of pregnancy, but it is widely accepted that the correct diet in pregnant women, plays a major role in the health of the unborn baby and the mother. A healthy diet also plays an important role especially in the baby’s weight at birth. So Charlene explained more about how much weight should you gain during your pregnancy. Remember a mother should follow a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy to gain the correct amount of weight and to ensure the health of her baby. For more information you can contact NICUS’s offices on (021) 933 1408, send an email to or visit alternatively visit your nearest clinic.

We closed off the show with an interview with Dr Mike Levin – a pediatrician and the Chairman of the National Asthma Education Programme. We were talking about the Influenza vaccine. Before the winter is out, it is thought that one in four of us will have had flu or a similar virus. But how can we really tell we have the flu rather than a severe cold? And when is the best time to have a flu vaccine to make sure it is effective – and who should absolutely not go without a flu vaccine? The influenza vaccine is hailed by medical experts the most effective way to reduce a person’s chance of contracting the 'flu. But, how effective is the vaccine really? Who should be vaccinated and who shouldn’t well Dr Levin explained more. Remember it takes the immune system about two weeks to produce specific antibodies against the 'flu strains in the vaccine, and six to eight weeks for the development of a maximal immune response to vaccination. This means that the best time to be vaccinated against the 'flu is during the months of February through to April, before the 'flu season typically starts. In fact, companies and individuals should plan their 2009 vaccination drives now! For more information you can contact your nearest hospital or send an email to

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