Monday, January 12, 2009

Health - 12 January

In today's show, we also spoke to Alexis Grewan – from the South African Reflexology Society. We were talking about Reflexology and how it works. Reflexology is said to be a Holistic Healing technique that treats the whole person’s Body, Mind and Soul. Remember the Reflexologist does not HEAL only the body Heals. Reflexology only helps to balance all the bodily systems, thus stimulating under active areas and calming the overactive ones. Alexis explained more. For more information contact the South African Reflexology Society on (021) 558 9868 or visit Remember that reflexologists are registered with the Health Professions Council, and you may, therefore, claim their fees from your medical scheme.
We closed off the show with an interview with Dr Ivan Bromfield -- Director of City Health and Stanley Nondo from the Provincial Health Department. Last month two cases of cholera were reported in Khayelitsha. Two women were admitted to GF Jooste Hospital and Karl Bremer hospital. The Provincial Health Department and City Health issued a joint statement that they are confident that the cases are linked, however there is no wide-scale outbreak, so people need not to worry for now. They have assured Capetonians that the situation around the cases has been contained, as no further cases have been reported from the immediate surrounding area. But Dr Bromfield explained more about preventative measures that they have in place in case of a potential outbreak. Cholera occurs through ingesting food or water that is contaminated with cholera vibrios. The disease progresses from the first liquid stool to shock in 4 to 12 hours, with death following in 18 hours to several days, unless oral rehydration therapy is provided. So if you have diarrhoea, especially severe diarrhoea and think you may have been exposed to cholera, seek treatment right away. For more information contact your nearest health care centre.

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