Friday, March 09, 2007

09 March – Arts, Culture and Environment

Today we spoke to Asanda Lugalo – High Schools Programme Coordinator from the South African Education and Environmental Project. The project is dedicated to helping children and young adults in South Africa’s historically disadvantaged township communities develop their academic and life skills, obtain productive employment, and contribute as leaders to the economic and social development of their communities and their country. This is part of a SAEP's historic mission to help South Africa achieve environmentally sustainable development through improvement of living conditions, development of skills, and use of South Africa's natural environment to create economic opportunities for those who remain marginalized as the country's economy continues to grow. For more information you can call Asanda at (021) 689 2020 or their website at

And we also spoke to Graham Falken – Director of the Arts and Media Access Centre or AMAC. AMAC provides access for under-resourced individuals and community organisations to training and production opportunities in the related media and arts disciplines. Acknowledged as a centre of excellence with a proven track record, AMAC plays an active role in the transformation of the media and arts sectors and seeks to build the capacity of emerging community media and arts centres nationally. For more information about AMAC feel free to contact them at (021) 465 3660 or visit their website at

Our last interview was with Vincent Meyburgh and Stuart Palmer from Jungle Theatre Company. The Jungle Theatre Company uses music, mime and puppetry to entertain and at the same time educating the public. They perform to schools, Festivals, townships, theatres and they also conduct different workshops and tomorrow they will be performing one of their funniest plays called Scazi Love at the Baxter Concert Hall as part of the Cape Town Festival. Scazi Love is a hilarious story about a shapely black woman and her Cape Coloured husband (played by two white men). For more information about the company or to book a performance you can contact their offices at (021) 788 56 41 or email them at or visit their website at

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