Monday, March 23, 2020

Protect the elderly cause they are the most venerable for the COVID 19 disease

Ishrene Davids (general manager at Ikamva Labantu)
The interview starts with Ishrene speaking about when Ikamva Labantu was establish and what their purpose is in helping underprivileged communities around Cape Town and also who their main target is they help which is children and elderly people.
She spoke about how they operate 21 senior clubs which they help and support to give them basic needs like food and hygiene tools to look after themselves and family’s and to keep them healthy and in good condition.

 She told us that they had to close down due to the epidemic that has taken place and have been close since the 17th March due to the virus, which is a huge problem for them and the senior clubs they deal with on a daily.
She adds on and tells us how difficult it would be for them to supply the senior clubs with the needs they get at Ikamva, during the time they are close they organise food parcels to help them to go on for at least 2 weeks.

More difficulty’s is also with staff that is put off due to the virus so that makes it more difficult for them to help these seniors, the staff only comes in at least two days a week but works from home so that makes it more difficult for them to interact with the senior’s, the staff assist them with safety measures how they can prevent the virus like practicing clean hygiene.   
She urges the communities to help and protect the elderly cause they are the most venerable for the COVID 19 disease and also adds that there is a huge need for non-perishable foods for them.   

Her details
Office 0214618338

                                         By: Brett Bailey

Kim Williams a business women and interior decorator

Kim Williams a business women and interior decorator.
Kim started loving interior designing when she was a little girl moving her furniture around her room as a child and took from her mother’s old left over fabric and making clothes for some of her dolls and that is where her passion and love for interior designing grew and began.

She adds on to say that in that time interior designing wasn’t a real career option for her and study business, market communication and change management consultancy as a profession until she was 30 years of age but over time stresses of running a business like that got to her and then decide to change to something she always wanted to do, that was interior designing and to become one evens.

There after the skills she gain in the field she use to work in benefited her in a huge way and combing it with her passion and love for interior design, She says that people miss understood what interior designing is, she says it is more of a feeling when doing something for a client, that they should feel themselves and see them self-entering a room she did and adds on that you really should have a real passion for it but what’s more important in this field is learning new skills and too understand the client more and to remain authentic and original to make your work different than other interior designers.

She says that Cape Town has a big market for this what she does but it’s very important to have the skill sets for what you doing because clients want to see if you have the qualification, but Cape town has a huge market and lots of opportunity’s.
What her business is facing now due to the COVID-19 epidemic is that it affected her supply market cause most of their products and material gets import from China.
In closing she adds on that she is very grateful for the people she worked with and working with currently because they played a huge role in influencing her to do interior designing and feel blessed.

In ending she leaves by giving her details
Instagram: Kim_Williams_Design      
Facebook: Kim Williams

                                               By: Brett Bailey

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

You cannot run away from sex works because it’s always in and around our communities

Megan Lessing was interviewed and she spoke about the ongoing violence against Sex Workers within and round South Africa, she works for SWEAT. They have been around for 25 years and they were always fighting against the decriminalisation again Violence.

Regarding past records, the focus of violence was always against women and transwomen, and that’s what they mostly focused on. She also mentioned that you cannot run away from sex works because it’s always in and around our communities, and they do their work in criminalised environment.
She also states that if there is a crime recorded of a Sex Worker that dies, the media doesn’t regard them as a Sex Worker or transwomen, but rather focus on the crime rather than the person, or even if a diseased body is found of a sex worker they would regard the person as a sex worker.

Megan always said that within the community sex workers are not treated fairly and something bad is always said and people laugh about it. With regards to the late Adnaan Davids there were very disturbing remarks made about the victim. Therefore, SWEAT always try and humanise everybody with whom they work with and not see them as any different.

The way things are being done at SWEAT is to protect Sex Workers. She says people should be more acceptance towards the LGBTIQ+ and not harbour hatred feelings. She says the SayHerName program is still on going, and SWEAT never stops working.

Her final words were that the government will have to do something for the Legal Model for Sex Workers in South Africa.

To get a hold of SWEAT or be a part of them they are situated in Observatory in Cape Town or you can find them on Social Media.
Twitter: SWEAT Tweets
Or just Google SWEAT and you’ll find information, because SWEAT is very well known

Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak WCBS is more in need of O Negative blood and B Positive blood.

Michelle Vermeulen Promotions, PR and Planning Manager is from Western Cape Blood Service and she spoke about that people should be more open to donating blood, and she thanks people that does donate blood regularly.

She also stated that if you are very healthy, that you should please come and donate, because they desperately need people to come out and donate blood. They are sort of O Negative blood and B Positive blood.
Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak she says people should still come out because you cannot get the virus through blood donation, so its 100% safe. She mentions that if you not feeling well or any signs of symptoms, that you should not donate.

She stated that the requirements to become a donor is that you need to be older than 16 years of age and younger than 75 years old, need to weigh 50kgs and more and need to be healthy on the day of

Her final words were stating that she urges people to come out and donate blood, to make sure they have adequate blood supply. Your one donation can save lives of 12 peoples.

“We’re appealing to the community at large to continue being as remarkable as ever, by donating blood. It is at times like these where we can show true Ubuntu, be heroes in our own stories and save lives. It only takes 20- 30 minutes of your time; to create a lifetime of memories for the recipients.”

You can contact them on 021-507-6300 or you can visit their website at
                                                        By: Clayton Daniels

Freelance photographer and fashion stylist and content creator

Surendran Reddy is 24 years of age and from Cape Town. He has studied 2 years professional photography at City Varsity Cape Town and he got his qualifications in Professional Photography which is a Diploma in Professional Photography. At the current moment he is a freelance photographer and fashion stylist and content creator. He is very big into fashion therefore most of his work is fashion related. He has worked with a few clothing brands as well as working with a Big Artists styling them for TV Ads and styled a few models for agency's annals for models for photo shoots. He was on set with his brother at the time he was a stylist and saw the relationship between the stylist, photographer, the make up artist and the model and the way they were working. That is where he told himself he should give photography a go, so he bought himself a little photographer and got some friends to take photo shoots. That is where he started picking up the niche to become a photographer and when he found out that he could study photography and that is what he did.

His lecturer told him he has some sort of style and that he should in corporate it in his work. He took that advice and that is where he got more followers, his load work got more as a photographer and that is where he pursue a career in photography. His lectures told him that when you started studying now with YouTube tutorial but when you get asked by a client if you have any experience, which makes it easier when you studied photography.

The knowledge, knowing the background of photography, knowing your equipment, lenses and lighting that would be in your advantage. But when you have the experience and in the industry it is easier. Basically when a client approaches him for a shoot the location plays a big thing, the surroundings inspires him to get the right angle. He does not use Photoshop or any photo editing tool. He will come to the clients if they do not have an idea what and where to take a picture, but the client needs to be happy and proud of the subject, location and be 50/50.

For further information WhatsApp him on 072 641 6793 and boybehindthelense on instagram or surendran_reddy

Dementia affect younger individuals due to their lifestyles

We spoke to a social worker from Dementia SA, whereby she told us a little more about Dementia. Dementia South Africa is a non-profit organisation that assist families and people that has dementia and that has limited access to private health care, dementia is caused by Alzheimer, memory loss,  and language problems. The services that Dementia SA offers are to give education, knowledge and informative talk about what Dementia is, so that family members know the changes and give support to their loved ones that struggles with dementia.

They also give a workshop called the Introduction to understanding dementia and they also have resources to understand dementia. Dementia is not treatable, there is no cure and people need to understand that and need to know what to do when the person living with dementia will not know how to express themselves and will not know how to do the most simple of tasks such as cooking, cleaning, etc. Sometimes family members will think family members may be acting out and there will be better and worse moments in the beginning of dementia. The difference between dementia, there are more than 100 types of dementia, Alzheimer is a type of dementia that is most common and it effects about 50 or 60  people living with dementia.

Dementia is more common in elderly people ages from 60 and above, but do affect younger people, 59 and below that lives with dementia, younger persons lifestyle abuse alcohol, abuse of drugs that is when young people could get dementia. With HIV/AIDS some people with this disease could also get dementia. The signs memory loss, difficulty with certain task, stress as well and this people are vulnerable and needs to be taken care of. Dementia SA welcomes all patients and accept them when they come to the office, so feel free to go to Dementia SA if you have these symptoms.

 For further information:  021 421 0077

Thursday, March 12, 2020

According to Global standards at least 1 in every 1000 child will present with chronic arthritis

We had Paediatric Rheumatologist, Dr Deepthi (Dee) Abraham who currently heads up and runs the Paediatric Rheumatology and Immunology Outpatient department at Tygerberg where she sees patients every Tuesday and Wednesday. Tygerberg Children’s trust in partnership with Una from the Andrea’s Gift Foundation (SA) who is a dynamic patient-centered, pro-awareness Non- Profit Organisation for people living with lupus will be hosting there ever first WORD day which stands for World Young Rheumatic Disease Day which serves to be held on the 18 of March 2020 at the C3a Paediatric OPD ward at Tygerberg Hospital from 09:00 – 15:00.
They are hoping that children from the Red Cross and Groote Schuur Hospital will be part of the celebration that Tygerberg hospital will be hosting for the 1st time.
As a lot of people only think that Rheumatic disease occur in the elderly or middle age individuals. It is very few times that people actually understand and realize that children also presents with Rheumatic diseases.

Dr. Dee explains: "So when we speak about Rheumatic conditions we speaking about connective tissue, so this can be bone, joints, skin or muscle, so children present with problems in all of these areas including arthritis, hence the purpose for the event is to raise awareness to make people known that diseases such as the above mention do effect children and do occur in children and that early awareness and diagnoses is able to bring the children into the hospital settings for the necessary help and treatment”.
According to Global standards at least 1 in every 1000 child will present with chronic arthritis known as Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis and we sit with a problem in Africa whereby it is under diagnose. Hence early diagnoses are vital to prevent disability and children below 16 as those are the ages it affects. Lupus is disease that can mimic.
At the event will be speakers to speak more in debt on the disease and the treatment process and this event is open to the public, there will be people from supports groups, the arthritis foundation and yoga will be done on the day. So let's get informed and stop letting these diseases eat us up in silence, inform yourselves and communities.
For more information, check out: Andrea Gift Foundation.