Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Creating a beautiful journey to Parenthood.

Egg donation is a process in which a woman takes in order to achieve pregnancy. These methods are used due to a variety of reasons such as, a woman wishes to have babies but they have run out of eggs (Menopause) or because of infertility.

Today on Sakhisizwe we had the pleasures of being joined by Kinny Ramoeng from Egg Donation South Africa. She is the one that takes the time to get to know each and every donor, she gives donors support and makes their experience pleasurable and golden.

Egg Donation South Africa is an Egg donation agency that was established in 2007. It is South Africa’s first  South African egg donor agency.

Their requirement’s to become a donor with them is:

Age: 19-29years.

Disadvantages: None.

Education: Grade 12.

Health: Excellent, healthy BMI.

Appearance: Not important.

No family history of bipolar and schizophrenia, depression and addiction

They draw up a donor profile using your pictures from the time you were as young as 1 until 10years old.

You do get compensation for egg donating.

Egg donation is strictly anonymous.  

Kinny went into full detail, explaining how egg donation, IVF and surrogacy how they work to get you pregnant or help someone else pregnant. This interview was absolutely amazing and very insightful to a point where it got me thinking of becoming a donor.

You can find them on their social media:

Facebook: Egg Donation South Africa



To listen to this wonderful interview please click on the link below.


Producer: Lydia M

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Rudy van Dieman to summit Table Mountain 365 times in 2022, to raise funds for building a community orphanage

Rudy van Dieman, who has partnered with Angels South Africa, an organisation based in Colorado Park, Mitchells Plain, will summit Table Mountain 365 times in 2022, to raise funds for building a community orphanage.

Angels SA wants to purchase a house that will become a safe house for children.

‘’Farieda Moses, [Founder of AngelsSA] has been a role model to me since I knew her. She took us on a camp and we stayed in contact after that ,and we done various charity work together. Just her will, and her strength that I see in her - she wants to make such a big change, but don’t have the necessary tools, so it will take years to fund her dream, and I came up with the crazy idea to give it a year and do my part to raise those funds and build that house,’’ said van Dieman.

He aims to raise R1 Million through backabuddy

PICTURED: Rudy van Dieman

Done By: Mitchum George

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Mdzanada Animal Clinic raise awareness about the dangers of rabies


Mdzanada Animal Clinic raise awareness about the dangers of rabies

“Rabies known to be a deadly virus that spreads to people from the saliva of infected animals, usually through an animal bite but can also transmit through saliva coming in to contact with your lips, eyes, or any exposed cuts on your body” – Mdzananda Animal Clinic

Two rabies cases were identified at Mdzananda Animal Clinic. Marcelle a veterinarian at Mdzananda Animal Clinic explains that a community member initially called to report a change in the dog’s behavior, but after a thoroughly check up on the dog and running of tests, it was confirmed that what was suspected to be a bone stuck in the dog’s throat turned out to be a rabies case. The last report of rabies in the Western Cape was in 1994 and for veterinarians at the clinic they say, “this is quite concerning because there are really any rabies cases reported in the Western Cape, hence the need to raise awareness about the dangers of rabies is of utmost importance”.

What are some of the noticeable symptoms you might ask, and how can it be transmitted?

Ummm, normally when a dog is infected with rabies, there will be a behavioural change in the dog, “initial stages are difficult to spot but normally the animal will be quite nostalgic, which means the dog does not really want to eat and as it progresses you will start to notice the dog changing in personality”, says Marcelle. And humans can be infected with the virus through a dog bite, and they carry similar symptoms of those as the animals.

Why is it important for people to be weary of this virus?

It is important for pet owners to be alerted about the current rabies cases developing in communities, because of how quick this virus could spread. Rabies is almost always fatal if it is left untreated. In fact, once someone with rabies starts experiencing symptoms, they usually do not survive. Therefore, it is very important to seek medical attention right away following an animal bite, especially if the bite is from a wild animal.

On September 28 we celebrate World Rabies Day to encourage rabies prevention efforts and unite against rabies. Whether you’re a veterinarian, a medical professional, a teacher, a dog-lover this is the time to take part in an event that raises awareness about rabies and its prevention. Prevention is better than cure as there is no current cure for rabies, but pet owners are encouraged to make sure they get their animals vaccinated. The clinic has also started a mass vaccinating campaign for rabies, and on the 28th of September the clinic will be dedicating the full day to vaccinations.

Mdzananda Animal Clinic is a veterinary council registered, NPO animal clinic in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Mdzananda has a strong focus on community empowerment and education to ensure responsible pet ownership into the future. It is home to 400 000 people (2011 census) and their pets. The clinic serves an average of 1000 animals per month through consultations, hospitalization, general and orthopaedic surgeries, continuous sterilizations, mobile clinics, an animal ambulance, and pet adoptions. The clinic currently operates for 5 and a half days: Monday- Friday (closes at 4pm) and Saturday opens from 8:00-12pm.

Location: Mandela Park, Govern Mbeki Road

Contact details: email: info@mdzananda

              By: Mamesi Lamoen


Monday, September 27, 2021




“Count on you was written from a personal experience, so emotionally I was going through a love/hate kind of thing”- Don Calya

Singer Don Calya SA based artists who is known for her outrageous and dramatic performances. She most featured on a song titled OUR LOVE. Also featuring on a track with Breeze Zulu Bass King. Don continues to ride the wave of her success with a recent sign with Universal Music Publishing and released a new single COUNT ON YOU. Most recently, Don Calya appeared on the Joox South Africa Live platform, performing in two virtual shows. She also performed on So Far Sounds Cape Town’s Instagram Live, featuring in Sportscene’s WEEKEND TURN-UP Segment.

Born in the small town of George, South Africa but bred in Sydney, Australia, the young artist had always been a ‘music head’. Her primary and high school days were spent owning the stages as she took part in musicals, small group performances and end of year concerts All that work prepared her for representing Sydney at the international I-pop agency competition in Los Angeles in 2015 when she was 18, where she went on to record her first three singles and a music video while in LA with an American producer who had previously worked with the likes of Chris brown, Tony Braxton and Destiny’s Child.

Since her releases, she has received a huge amount of positive feedback, leaving the singer overwhelmed with the support and love she has felt. From performing at The Coca-Cola Dome for the Creator’s Live Event, to performing at the Youth Achievers Awards 2019 to recently being nominated in two categories at the 011 Awards 2020 as well as being asked to perform, the past two years have been jam-packed.  

You can stream Don Calya’s new track, Count On You on all music platforms and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @Don Calya


                        By: Mamesi Lamoen

Monday, March 23, 2020

Protect the elderly cause they are the most venerable for the COVID 19 disease

Ishrene Davids (general manager at Ikamva Labantu)
The interview starts with Ishrene speaking about when Ikamva Labantu was establish and what their purpose is in helping underprivileged communities around Cape Town and also who their main target is they help which is children and elderly people.
She spoke about how they operate 21 senior clubs which they help and support to give them basic needs like food and hygiene tools to look after themselves and family’s and to keep them healthy and in good condition.

 She told us that they had to close down due to the epidemic that has taken place and have been close since the 17th March due to the virus, which is a huge problem for them and the senior clubs they deal with on a daily.
She adds on and tells us how difficult it would be for them to supply the senior clubs with the needs they get at Ikamva, during the time they are close they organise food parcels to help them to go on for at least 2 weeks.

More difficulty’s is also with staff that is put off due to the virus so that makes it more difficult for them to help these seniors, the staff only comes in at least two days a week but works from home so that makes it more difficult for them to interact with the senior’s, the staff assist them with safety measures how they can prevent the virus like practicing clean hygiene.   
She urges the communities to help and protect the elderly cause they are the most venerable for the COVID 19 disease and also adds that there is a huge need for non-perishable foods for them.   

Her details
Office 0214618338

                                         By: Brett Bailey

Kim Williams a business women and interior decorator

Kim Williams a business women and interior decorator.
Kim started loving interior designing when she was a little girl moving her furniture around her room as a child and took from her mother’s old left over fabric and making clothes for some of her dolls and that is where her passion and love for interior designing grew and began.

She adds on to say that in that time interior designing wasn’t a real career option for her and study business, market communication and change management consultancy as a profession until she was 30 years of age but over time stresses of running a business like that got to her and then decide to change to something she always wanted to do, that was interior designing and to become one evens.

There after the skills she gain in the field she use to work in benefited her in a huge way and combing it with her passion and love for interior design, She says that people miss understood what interior designing is, she says it is more of a feeling when doing something for a client, that they should feel themselves and see them self-entering a room she did and adds on that you really should have a real passion for it but what’s more important in this field is learning new skills and too understand the client more and to remain authentic and original to make your work different than other interior designers.

She says that Cape Town has a big market for this what she does but it’s very important to have the skill sets for what you doing because clients want to see if you have the qualification, but Cape town has a huge market and lots of opportunity’s.
What her business is facing now due to the COVID-19 epidemic is that it affected her supply market cause most of their products and material gets import from China.
In closing she adds on that she is very grateful for the people she worked with and working with currently because they played a huge role in influencing her to do interior designing and feel blessed.

In ending she leaves by giving her details
Instagram: Kim_Williams_Design      
Facebook: Kim Williams

                                               By: Brett Bailey

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

You cannot run away from sex works because it’s always in and around our communities

Megan Lessing was interviewed and she spoke about the ongoing violence against Sex Workers within and round South Africa, she works for SWEAT. They have been around for 25 years and they were always fighting against the decriminalisation again Violence.

Regarding past records, the focus of violence was always against women and transwomen, and that’s what they mostly focused on. She also mentioned that you cannot run away from sex works because it’s always in and around our communities, and they do their work in criminalised environment.
She also states that if there is a crime recorded of a Sex Worker that dies, the media doesn’t regard them as a Sex Worker or transwomen, but rather focus on the crime rather than the person, or even if a diseased body is found of a sex worker they would regard the person as a sex worker.

Megan always said that within the community sex workers are not treated fairly and something bad is always said and people laugh about it. With regards to the late Adnaan Davids there were very disturbing remarks made about the victim. Therefore, SWEAT always try and humanise everybody with whom they work with and not see them as any different.

The way things are being done at SWEAT is to protect Sex Workers. She says people should be more acceptance towards the LGBTIQ+ and not harbour hatred feelings. She says the SayHerName program is still on going, and SWEAT never stops working.

Her final words were that the government will have to do something for the Legal Model for Sex Workers in South Africa.

To get a hold of SWEAT or be a part of them they are situated in Observatory in Cape Town or you can find them on Social Media.
Twitter: SWEAT Tweets
Or just Google SWEAT and you’ll find information, because SWEAT is very well known