Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dagga Party of South Africa says "LEGALIZE 2014: Dagga for a Sustainable Nation"

Jeremy Acton - Leader of the Dagga Party of South Africa was Instudio to talk about what the party stand for and their campaign ahead of next year’s general elections. The party promises to not only deliver services, but also empower communities and deliver access to the resource that is indigenous cannabis sativa aka Dagga for the public benefit and not corporate benefit. Jeremy believes his community-oriented approach will take amaDagga Dagga to new highs. Its campaign "LEGALIZE 2014: Dagga for a Sustainable Nation" is calling on all smokers of dagga in South Africa to stand together at the ballots to vote a ONE LOVE vote for their own culture, the Dagga Culture of South Africa, and for the greater good that could arise from the policy ideas of the Dagga Party. For further information you go to www.facebook.com/Daggaparty

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