Monday, February 11, 2019

Unique Public Speaking

Lawrence Musunte came to us to talk about his new non-profit organization Unique Public Speaking (UPS). It is an entity that equips voices with tools for effective public speaking.

UPS was born to empower people who previously thought that they didn't have a voice to speak up, we are the voice of the voiceless, is a worthless saying because everyone has a voice, a story to tell. No one has the right to shut someone up. Everyone has the constitutional right to speech regardless of his/her gender, sex, skin colour, religion ect...

Speaking in public, can be scary, we might even think that we are not eloquent or that we don't speak a certain language very well but for Lawrence, what matter is your story told in your unique way of speaking, speak in your language, tell your message to the community. It's up to you to break all the barriers that makes your voice unheard.

Give people the tools to speak, teach them to be confident, you will be surprised to hear what they have to say. Many people had been abused, raped, mistreated but they kept quiet.
It's time to stretch toward them an hand, to tell them, it's fine to cry but it's time now TO SPEAK UP.

For more information contact:
Number: 062 819 2314
Facebook: UPS.COACH

                                   By: Panphil Tshisumpa

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