Monday, February 11, 2019


In studio, we were joined by Alexandre to talk about IPAF and their upcoming event.

International Public Art Festival (IPAF) is non-profit organization that educate the community through art by painting large scale mural. They believe in educating present and future generations. Street art and graffiti promote dialogue and collaboration that one can use to empower individuals and communities.

IPAF was created out of the need that many street artists struggle to make a living by doing art. In the community where people still think that a good living can only be made by being doctors, lawyers....It's not easy to be an artist. So three years ago IPAF started.

Drawing or painting on mural is still a new thing in the community. It's not a thing we see every day so it raises awareness within people. The community get curious, pupils come to see and we pass on our message.

" GENERATION NEXT" is the theme of the upcoming event that will run from the 9-17 February 2019 in Salt River. The new generation is the one we should invest on. They are the future of the community, the hope of tomorrow. It's imperative to educate them not like we used to do long ago but with modern tools and new skills.

The festival is completely free so: GO and CHECK.

For more information contact:
Facebook: ipaf festival sa

                                     By: Panphil Tshisumpa

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