Thursday, February 02, 2017


Today we spoke to Jocky Jacobs founder of Rags to Kitchens which is a non profit organisation that focuses on alleviating poverty through changing communities.

Jocky Jacobs is a young entrepreneur which lost his parents at a young age. As challenging as life was he hasn’t given up on perusing his dreams in becoming one of the best chefs in South Africa.  

Rags to Kitchens got started by a group of friends as a skills development named Euclid Society where they provided skills sets to children of Elsies River through a soccer clinic to develop their sporting skills; from there Rags to Kitchen got established. As there were needs for development, skills to pursing different career paths.  

The name Rags to Kitchens come in existence when the two friends were talking about how far in life they have come, as they were living in poverty and wearing broken clothes.

The aim of the organisation is for youngsters to not use their circumstance as an excuse to not excel in life, to better themselves as people and just to make a difference in there communities.

For more information contact:

Facebook: Rags to Kitchens

                 Euclid Society

By: Jasnine Roberts

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