Wednesday, November 06, 2013

HSRC and Agenda Feminist Media Project to host a seminar on Gender, Ageing and Intergenerationality

We closed off with Professor Vasu Reddy - Deputy Executive Director of the Human and Social Development research programme for the Human Science Research Council. We were talking about the Launch of special issue of Agenda: Gender, Ageing and Intergenerationality. The HSRC together with Agenda Feminist Media Project and Journal Seminar Series is inviting individuals to the Launch of their special issue of Agenda: Gender, Ageing and Intergenerationality. This special launch will focus on two interrelated themes, ageing and intergenerationality, which are brought into the fold since both have much to say about the fact that there is still much that we do not know, that is unexamined and indeed riddled with taboo, stigma and denial. Speakers include Janine Hicks, Prof Vasu Reddy, Dr Nadia Sanger, Prof Monde Makiwane, Dr Catherine Ndinda, Gabrielle Le Roux and Prof Tamara Shefer. It’s happening next week Tuesday, 12th of November in Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town via videoconference from 12PM to 2PM. For more information go to

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