Thursday, May 09, 2013

Labour - FAWU threatens strike action over labour broking

On the show today, we spoke to Katishi Mosemola - General secretary of the Food and Allied Workers Union or FAWU to tell us more about their warning to farm bosses of further strike and protest actions in the De Doorns area. FAWU held an intense meeting with its members and interested workers in the De Doorns area on Monday evening. During the meeting several complaints emerged, with the most concerning being the reported use of labour brokers to undermine current workers on farms, in particular the targeting of FAWU union members. According to the Union the farm bosses appear to be side-lining permanent workers in favour of labour-broker supplied workers, for all off-season work, in what appears to be a process that will ultimately replace them.  They say this move has fuelled more frustrations and, if unresolved, it will leave the workers with no choice but to embark on protected strikes and other lawful protest actions but they are planning to engage relevant farm bosses and try resolved the matter within the next 10 days. For further information you can contact FAWU offices on (021) 637 9040 or Katishi on 082 467 2509.

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