Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

We were joined on the phone by Doctor Mamitele who is a medical doctor and a neurologist specialist in Pretoria. We wanted to know more about Diabetes and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Doctor Mamitele said that Diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction if not taken care of. For a man to reach a full erection, a good quantity of blood must flow in his genitalia, but when you suffer from Diabetes, your male organ receive less blood so you can not achieve a good erection: your nerves can be damaged.

It is good to know that Diabetes does not only damage your genitalia, but your brain causing a stroke, your heart causing heart attack, your kidney causing kidney failure and your eyes causing blindness as well. It is imperative to take it seriously.

If Diabetes is a chronic sickness meaning that you can not be healed from it, erectile dysfunction can be reversed and other worse issues can be avoided by lowering your blood pressure, stop smoking, having a good cholesterol level, limiting your alcohol consumption, eating healthy, exercising, managing your weight and a good lifestyle. It 's up to you to make the change. Who does not like a good erection anyway?!!!


                                   By: Panphil Tshisumpa

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