Friday, February 03, 2017


We spoke to Siphokazi Jonas a writer, performer and poet, she’s written, produce and performed in three one woman poetry productions: Poetry under the Stars, Wrestling with Dawn and Conspiracy Theory and she also writes fiction and play writing stories. She originated from Queens Town in the Eastern Cape but resides in Cape Town these days.

Siphokazi develop the love for writing in high school as she’s always loved reading, but over time her writing become better and spoke more to people. When she reached University she was introduce to spoken word and that is where this all started to kick off for her.

She perceive her writing as a gift that is meant to bless others, but some times it does become a curse due to her not being able to write or she not being happy with the product.  

 She states: “before we are entertainers we are teachers and we are meant to be the voice that will speak for our generations and the voice that will paint a positive future when things are really difficult hence I use my work to bring a message across to say you have the right, you have the energy behind you to choose your path”.

She’s release a dvd called It’s Kind in South Africa and numerous other productions, but she has been nominated by the word and sound which takes place in Johannesburg for her performance last year which was one of the best show cases for 2016 so all you need to do to vote is go on word and sound website. Closing date is Sunday 5 February 2016.

Her dream is to have her own school of writing where she can develop the next generation into becoming professional writers and travel the world sharing her poetry.

For more information follow her on:
Twitter: @Siphokazi_J

Instagram: Siphokazi_J  
By: Jasnine Roberts

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