Monday, February 03, 2014

Dr Ebrahim Essop introduces Oxirub

Dr Ebrahim Essop – Founder of Oxirub joined us on the line. Dr Essop's practice deals with all homeopathic consultations and treatment. His primary interest is in allergies and pain management. Oxirub is a product which contains only natural oils. It is said to be clinically proven in double-blind studies to be an effective pain reliever. It is available from his practice at R135 for a 13ml bottle. It is said to:
·    Relieve arthritis pain
·    Relieve tense, painful back, leg, and neck muscles
·    Effectively treats bursitis pain
·    Takes the ache out of bumps, sprains, bruises and sore feet
·    Immediately relieves cramp on the sports field.
·    Treats minor burns due to the increased oxygen to the microcirculatory system
·    Effectively stops cold sores if applied at the onset
For more information contact him on (021) 703 2694 or 076 916 8363.

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