Thursday, November 14, 2013

SACCI welcomes Employment Tax Incentive

Neren Rau - CEO of the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry joined us on the line. We were talking about the Employment Tax Incentive Bill. SACCI has welcomed the tax incentive as a step in the right direction, but has called on Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan to include the industries within the scope of the tax incentive to fast-track job creation and skills transfer. The incentive offers a tax rebate for employing workers between the ages of 18 and 29, based on the following monthly pay categories: Less than R2 000 per month: 50% of the wage
  • Between R2 000 and R4 000 per month: R1 000
  • Between R4 000 and R6 000 per month: less than R1 000
Eighty eight per cent of the businesses would be interested in using the incentive and 93% of these wants to have the incentive extended beyond the proposed period that would end in December 2016. The remaining 12% of business who are not interested explain that there is no current need for more workers. For further information you can contact SACCI on (011) 446 3800 or visit

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