Tuesday, April 02, 2013

We Care Centre appeals for donations

Margaret & Ilhaam
We were also joined Instudio by Margaret Meyer - Founder of We Care Centre and Ilhaam Hansen - Chairperson of the Centre. They were here to talk about the safe haven that they provide for children whose parents have substance abuse history and appeal for donations. The Centre is based in the impoverished area of Tafelsig, Mitchell’s Plain and was established in 2008 due to the ever growing need for safety of children affected by substance abuse. They provide day care for up to 45 children in a small council house and in addition feeds school children. Any form of donations is welcomed such as nappies, bath soap, tooth paste and brushes, face clothes, towels, sugar, cereals, food, milk, baby food, vegetables, fruit, bread, meat, clothes, shoes, blankets and dry food as Margaret literally feeds the children out of her own pocket. They would also appreciate if someone can donate a computer for the centre. For further information and banking details you can contact Margaret on 079 866 8681.

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