Friday, April 12, 2013

Second Annual Greyton Festival of Transition is next Saturday

Joseph & Candice
We were also joined by Joseph Stodgel and Candice Mostert. We were talking about the Second Annual Greyton Festival of Transition. The festival will take place on the 20th of April at the local dumping site and newly established Green Park to sustain change in ecological directions, bring attention to the realities of pollution and waste issues and continue rehabilitation efforts there. Featured bands include Cape Town based Black South Easter, master instrumentalists Steve Newman, Hilton Schilder and Errol Dyers of All in One, and some local Greyts including The Country Conquerors, Splynta, the 254 Band, and Jane Gaisford and Natasha Carter. Local youth and others will be brought on stage to present their works and accept awards for the Trash to Treasure Upcycling Challenge, making use of waste materials in creative ways such as trashion fashion and upcycled musical instruments. For more information go to alternatively send an email to or

Nigel was Instudio for the Arts Update.

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