Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Right to Know Campaign launches week of action

We were also joined by Nkwame Cedile - Western Cape Organiser of the Right to Know Campaign. The R2K is an umbrella campaign representing a broad front of civil society groups. The Campaign is concerned that the Protection of Information Bill - also known as the Secrecy Bill - currently before Parliament will fundamentally undermine hard- won constitutional rights including access to information and freedom of expression. The Right to Know Campaign believes a responsive and accountable democracy able to meet the basic needs of our people is built on transparency and the free flow of information. This week they are running the Right to Know week of action and Nkwame explained more. For more information contact Nkwame on 078 227 6008 or visit www.facebook.com/nkwamecedile or go to www.r2k.org.za

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