Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Voices of the youth

Even in this new age South-Africa has freedom that is "given to everyone", many people still struggle with the idea of freedom while others suffer with finding their identities. The issues that are happening to the the South-African youth are brought up and discussed in a documentary called "Anthem", directed by Priam Patel and produced by Giulio Beltramo.

The documentary will focus on the lives of 4 other people, seeing how they live their lives differently from each other while also containing just a little bit of similarity. The documentary is actually a grad film since everyone involved is a UCT graduate film student.

The meaning behind the title is made to inform people how they will feel while watching the documentary, they will feel more united. Beside the feeling of unity that the documentary plans to create, topics will be brought up during the documentary which plan to create debates and arguments.

The film is for everyone but the main target audience is the youth otherwise described as the born free's, which ranges from 10 to 35 years old. Even though the main topics of the film relate to the younger groups, the older ones should still watch the film. This documentary is important because not only does it address important topics and issue that the youth can understand, but it addresses the current situations that are happening in the country. 

Priam and Giulio explained that:  they do not want to treat the documentary as just another film grad project but want the documentary to get more attention and even get it played at film festivals. They believe that what the documentary contains is very important and that the film needs to get more attention and more people to watch it. This film aims to create unity and more positive mindsets among the youth.

For more information, you can contact them on:
Facebook: shortfilmanthem
Instagram: anthemfilmshort
E-mail: shortfilmanthem@gmail.com

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