Monday, October 14, 2019

The importance of Cryo-save

Joining us in the studio was one of the Western Cape Representatives and court blood specialists for cryo-save, Claire Stewart. She had completed her bachelors in Human life at the University of Stellenbosch and is now doing a BA Honours degree in psychology, she arrived at the studio to inform us in detail about what work she does and what work Cryo-save actually does.

One of the many things Cryo-save do is "Cord Blood Therapy" which is a form of treatment for over 80 blood diseases, the treatment is made from the preserved blood of a newly born baby's umbilical cord.

The blood is used to treat an unexpected or unpredictable blood disease that someone might get. Surprisingly there is a very minimal risk in this procedure seeing as the baby is already born and the mother will not have to worry about any invasion issues.

Claire explained that since the blood is removed from the umbilical cord right after the child has been born, the stem cells are still new and impressionable and have not had any negative influences. With this being the case the cells can replicate at a faster and better rate than stem cells given by older people.

Besides Claire's studies, as a Western Cape Representatives and court blood specialists for cryo-save she goes to all Western Cape hospitals to teach nurses and doctors how to perform the procedure as well as informing gynecologists, obstetricians and pediatricians as to what a cryo-save bank can do for there pregnant clients and save many other lives at the same time.

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