Friday, August 23, 2019

Sustainable profitable that contribute towards alleviating poverty in South Africa.

We had Lillian Masebenza from Mhani Gingi.
Mhani Gingi is a non-profit organization that strives to provide innovative business solutions which are sustainable and profitable and contribute towards alleviating poverty in South Africa.

Mhani Gingi uses the Power of the Collective to maximize networking, and tailor-made integrated skills development training according to the collective strengths and skills of the members. The main focus is currently on the province of the Western Cape, specializing in the townships surrounding Cape Town.
The name Mhani Gingi comes from a Zulu Xhosa, so Mhani means mother or somebody that cares and Gingi means be industrious don't wait for something don't wait for somebody and start doing something because it starts with you.

They started in 2004 and celebrating 15 years since Mhani got started and it's all about taking the experience that she had over the years, the networks that she had worked with their education and put all of that together back in the Communities trying to fight the poverty, the unemployment rate. They also work very much with abused women which and disabled people living with disability. They work with children right from the Early Learning Centre and the youth from correctional services.
The name comes down from mother and not waiting for something to be given to you on a silver platter but creating that space to develop yourself and to be innovative. According to her "The organisation managing we're proud to say they impacted a lot of people because you can look at it this way every single person that you interact with that person will interact with at least five more other people starting from the home of that person in that community. So looking at our figures that we have impacted up to 10000 people or even more why would I say that we had 35 community garden so you can imagine how it impact the other people that got skills that could generate income.”

“They could eat well from the garden we had in the women who started some projects and 11 skills marketing financial Skills about 10 such initiatives and today I'm proud to say one of them is almost exporting meat she started just with gardening and then she went to sunflower”. She went into the real to say: “the power or the collaborative collective so what that means is that if I know something in marketing and you are in communication and somebody sent finance somebody knows how to plant things if we come together each of us persevere 360 University and I was very lucky because the atrocities that are in their we have a doctor who has chemistry and came and said how can I help and he is in the flagship project now. It's all about the gardening the propagating things organically also in the tunnel also accommodating people on wheelchair so managing private stuff that we have a group of people with disabilities who can be very therapeutic. We also have their own right who has master’s in education and she spearheads the Early Learning Centre, she has a principle that she's working with the parents and again it's about how will that impact the community. We start right from the very basics and when they do gardening these little ones we make them relate to the shape."

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