Tuesday, August 13, 2019

"Challenges or no challenges, keep pushing." - Zizipho Mnxakwe

Zizipho Mnxakwe is a poet who started out at the very young age of 12. She grew up eNcgobo, Eastern Cape. The coming out of her talent happened at farewell celebration for the principal at her primary school.

At first her family didn't quite believe her when she said that she is a poet, but then they heard her perform and realized that she is talented. The poetic gift isn't a stranger in the family, her grandfather was also a poet.

She has entered in various competitions and in 2018 she represented Western Cape in a national competition which she won first place in it.

She said that you have to push forward through the challenges.

To keep in contact with Zizipho follow her on Facebook, her handle is EZamawushe Zizipho Mnxakwe.

Zizipho Mnxakwe and Phindiwe Maka

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