Friday, August 23, 2019

Build it for the future and the job that you are targeting

We had Zola Maphila, a strategic career consultant, CV writer and social entrepreneur. She helps clients with being strategic and capitalizing on opportunities to breach the competitive job market.
She basically does resume cover letter and LinkedIn optimization also do interview coaching as well as career coaching. 

Her mission is basically CV review, so CV review would be basically going through someone's CV just to give them feedback and sort of feedback on how to change it themselves and she also do CV reconstruction so that reconstructing the CV on her side as well as LinkedIn optimization. She finds that a lot of people don't yet understand the power of LinkedIn.

The advice that she give to improve LinkedIn profile is to making sure that you have a cover image on your LinkedIn profile. Making sure that you have a headline, making sure that your LinkedIn summaries comprehensive enough and also do not build your LinkedIn summary for where you are now, but build it for the future and the job that you are targeting, because that's what recruiters and hiring managers look for.

She comes from an impoverished background. She went to Crystal House and that's where her passion for giving back comes from actually, because she was able to get a free quality education in a stable environment and not have to worry about things like school fees and school uniform. And everyone at Crystal House that graduated will tell you that giving back is the number one thing.

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